Grit 3033 (1946-1947) Part IV: Done!

Pix later; it was too late last night.

I mostly love it.   I need to raise the bottoms of the armscyes about an inch because the armscyes are huge, and the, uh, bosom is also huge.  I'll probably take the front top in another two inches and then reduce the sizes of the tucks so the shoulder seams and waist still fit.  It's supposed to be blousy, yes, but it's very, very, blousy on me.  I also need to reposition the marking so that, if I make it again with waist ties, I install them slightly higher.  It's a pretty enormous nightgown for the 1940's, which is odd since women were shorter on average then.

Anyway, it's off the list, and my worn-to-indecency purple nightshirt was used as a dust-rag this morning.