New Old Stuff

I had a lucky weekend.

Art Deco costume jewelery brooch from Hobby Lobby.  Cheap, yes, but under $5 with the weekly 40% coupon.  Sometimes you just need a sparkly:

Two yards of Marcus Brothers Judie Rothermel Civil War fabric.  I have a bunch of this in green with wine/brown flowers, that I mean to use for a dress.   I also made a wrap skirt out of it, years ago, in brown on brown shades.  I absolutely love the pattern.  This is dull blue with brown.  It will probably just be a skirt.

Four yards of older Marcus Brothers fabric, navy blue with large red robin-like birds.  Very weird but somehow very awesome.  Will be an early 1960's shirtwaist dress, possibly with fine red piping trim.

Simplicity 2012 (circa 1937): Sports dress in one or two pieces.  Similar to the DuBarry I made a few years ago, but awesome.

Simplicity 1422 (1933-1935) National Recovery Administration: Dress with either blouse bodice (I think it's still one piece) or with double-breasted bodice with oversized revers:


PepperReed said…
Put a bird on it! ;^) That fabric is Awesome!
I know! I got it on eBay. It was cheap--I can't believe nobody else bid!