Simplicity 9200 (1994) Part III: Aargh, forget it

I wrestled with this pattern all weekend.  The next time I start posting about taking a lame pattern and drastically altering it into something that it doesn't actually have the potential to be, y'all are under orders to stage a Blogspot intervention.  I need to make better pattern choices. 

Also, I need to get off my duff and use my pattern drafting books.  One day I will finally learn that starting from scratch might be more successful and less frustrating than trying to beat an old pattern into a new shape.

Oh, well.  Dust off my hands and on to the next thing.  I got the bias binding I needed to finish Grit 3033, and I'm going to make a final, clean, copy of Simplicity 4727's bodice so I can cut the three or four dresses I have lined up for that.