BurdaStyle 119 (July 2013) Romance Dress: Part I

Listening: The Devil Makes Three, I'm A Stranger Here (2013) streaming online.

I have a whole marathon of goofy Hallowe'en movies saved on the DVR.  Watched The Corpse Bride last night.  I'm actually not a huge Tim Burton fan--I prefer my movies to be less visually cartoonish and to leave more to my imagination--but I liked the story.  

The Romance Dress is a download from the BurdaStyle website.  I think I deleted mine by mistake so I need to re-purchase it.  Doh!

It's a super simple dress but the instructions are still kind of WTF.  I still can't figure out how the Hell I'm supposed to attach the waist ties, but I think I'm going to leave them off, anyway, so I can wear it with a belt.  The pattern calls for a facing along the neck V but a narrow hem along the shoulder-section part of the neckline.  I'm going to trim the pieces to fit and do a facing all the way around, even if it's just a narrow bias facing, because that other method sounds like a pain in the rear.

I started a muslin last night--yes, I even do a muslin for stuff like this--in a Burda size 6/standard size 10/bust 33, which is a size too small, but the one reviewer said it ran large on her.  I don't understand Burda's sizing at all; I guess it's closer to ready-to-wear?  I still think I'm a 16, since that's what I would have been in the 1940's.

However, Mispickel interfered and she's been in a bad mood because she got switched to urinary-tract health food (she's got crystals) and hates it.  She'll play with the kibble but won't eat it until she's desperately hungry.  I'm going to try the canned version to see if she likes that better, but if she doesn't I'm going to have to ask the vet what else she can eat.  So I let her sleep in my lap instead of sewing.

I spent my lunch hour, then, hand-sewing a muslin.  Yup--hand-sewing.  

Shoulder attached (this is the back):

Inset part 1:

Inset part 2:

Inset done:

I completely butchered the point of the V.  Ignore that.  You get the idea.