BurdaStyle 119 (July 2013) Romance Dress: Part III

This is a super-rough test muslin:

That is a terrible picture, but in real life it actually looks a whole lot more like the Burda website picture than I expected.  I'm kind of shocked.  I'm afraid it definitely wouldn't work if I were buxom, but for somebody who doesn't have a lot of upper body it's not bad at all.

I made it in a Burda size 4/regular size 10/bust 33, which should be a size too small, but the size feels pretty much right.  The neckline is too wide and too low, a problem I have a lot since I have kind of narrow shoulders and tend to be skinny around my upper chest.  I need to make a sharper V in the front (bring the sides of the V towards the middle), widen the shoulder pieces to match, and raise the top of the neck inset . . . probably level with the front yoke seams.

The shoulders also feel as though they're too sloped, but I think that might fix itself once they're not sitting correctly. 

I also need to learn to do a better job on the front and back insets.  Disaster City.