DuBarry 5637 (1943) Dress Variant Part III.2: Neck facing and stuff

OK, neck facing:

So, when I bought this fabric, they had three yards on the bolt and that was it.  It was on clearance.  I knew they'd had it for awhile, too, so it was safe to assume they would not be restocking.  (On the up side, it was $2 per yard.  Not complaining about that!).  Three yards is enough for many of my patterns, but this one has the big collar and I wanted side-seam pockets.  Side-seam pockets take up a surprising amount of fabric.  I'm still thinking of a pleated skirt, too, and that means I can't skimp there or it will look really makeshift.  More makeshift than it already does.

My usual places to fudge when I'm a little short on yardage are the skirt facing, the sleeve facings, the underside of the collar, inset belt facing, and side-seam pockets, if I can find an alternative that either matches well enough or contrasts the way I want.  I went to Hobby Lobby on the way home last night to see what they had (they're close to PetCo; I also needed cat food and a heavy ceramic bowl with a non-skid rubber ring around the bottom.  Mispickel pushes her bowl around as she eats.  She also purrs with her mouth full.  Terrible table manners.  Where was her mother?).

The fabric that actually matched the best had bees on it:

This could have been adorable but somehow it was just a little too far that side of childish.  Yeah, I know--what's a little more at this point?--but I'm the one who, in theory, has to wear it when it's done.

The other yellows were too pastel or too lemonade or too floral or too abstract or too whatever.  I went with the flip side of tacky and chose black and white hexagons:

I'm telling myself they echo the buttons (these are just laid on, not attached):