DuBarry 5637 (1943) Part IV: Sleeves set

I meant to do the sleeve facings yesterday during lunch, but I'd forgotten to topstitch the sleeve trim, and I didn't want to topstitch through the facings, too (too many layers; too much risk of it coming out lumpy), so I had to wait until I got home.

I topstitched the trim last night, faux-Frenched a couple of seams, and set the sleeves.  I know this dress is taking me forever but I'm only working in little bits--overall, it's not really that much time.  The hexagon-print sleeve facing that seemed insane when I bought it is starting to look as though it might be OK.  Weird, but not in a bad way.

The collar looks freaking awesome.  Wow, do I love bias trim.


Looking forward to finishing this off this weekend!


In other news: I love fall.  Cooler weather, shorter days (I'm a night owl), and candy corn pumpkins.  And Hallowe'en.  

My birthday is July 4th, which is fun but kind of not since I don't like hot weather (in Houston.  Ha, ha) and it's a terrible drinking holiday.  My maternal grandmother's birthday was Hallowe'en.  I'm totally envious.  Can you imagine the awesome parties you could have for a Hallowe'en birthday?  Can you imagine the awesome decorations?

Talavera jack o'lanterns at HEB:

[Re?]animated banjo player at Kroger.


I met our uninvited houseguest face to face last night:

Raccoons are adorable--their faces remind me of Diamond's--but they're destructive and they can be aggressive, so she'll have to be removed.