DuBarry 5637 (1943) Part V: Rewind


So, I spent the first half of the weekend running errands and cleaning.  Saturday was the annual Trinity Lutheran Church quilt show (bad iPhone pictures of my favorites can be seen here.  I like scrappy quilts).

Yesterday, I woke up to discover that a front had come through and it was 65 degrees and overcast.  Heavenly!  I walked to to the doughnut shop in the rain, wearing the first sweatshirt of the season.  When I got home, I sewed five pillowcases and then went back to work on the dress.

Pleated skirt attached.

Which looks pretty cute, right?  Not bad.  The skirt went on nicely and everything.

You'll notice, though, that it's kind of . . . wide at the bottom.

Again, I have no concept of my own size.  I meant for it to be loose, but this is Looks Like Maternity Wear loose.  There is nothing at all wrong with maternity wear, of course, except that I don't need any.

There are a couple of other minor problems--the back is a bit narrow, the armscyes are scooped out a little too much at the back, and the Peter Pan collar is too flat and needs more of a roll, but none of that is deal-breaker level.  Ordinarily, I think the wideness problem might end the project but I think this time I'm going to take the skirt back off, take out the side seams and angle them inward to take up some of the extra, take a bit out of the skirt, and put it all back together.  I sort of suspect that will all fail but I feel like I have to try it rather than just bail.


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