DuBarry 5637 (1943) Part V.2: Nothing to see here, folks

I took the skirt off and took out the seam finish on the side seams yesterday at lunch, but last night Mom and I went out to a darker area outside of town and tried to see the Draconid meteor shower, so I didn't get any sewing done.  I'll be basting in new side seams today. 

Mom saw one shooting star and I might have seen one, and we saw the international space station, but that was about it.  The weather guy said it was supposed to be clear but I think there was at least a thin cloud cover--there were stars but not so many.

Later: Okay, now there's something to see.

I'm sure that if anyone cares enough to comment on this they'll point out to me the many ways in which my fix for this problem shouldn't work.  Honestly, I do appreciate constructive commentary, but in this instance, the entire project has passed the point of no return into the land of It's Completely BS'ed Anyway So We're Not Going to Worry About It.  There are limits to how much restructuring I'm willing to do (and how much this cheap-ass fabric can handle), and doing a lot of unseaming and recutting is just too much.

I took off the skirt and measured inward one and a half inches along the waist, from the side seam, then basted a new temporary seam from the point where the side-seam and armscye meet, to the 1 1/2-inch mark, on both sides. That takes out three inches per side and six overall, which sounds like a ton except that, when I measured the waist yesterday, I discovered it was forty-four inches.  I don't even have forty-four-inch hips, and I have big hips for my size.  No wonder the thing could have held two of me.

That I took six inches out of the waist and it still looks that square should tell you something.

You can see it a little bit here.