DuBarry 5637 (1943) Part VII: Done

Pix later.  I finished this at midnight because I was determined to wear it today.

It's . . . okay.  I doubt I'll keep it.  It's not bad but it doesn't thrill me enough that I wouldn't rather use the closet space for something else.

The shoulders only fit with pads in them.  I need to fold a wedge out of the yoke to remove the shoulder pad allowance, then lengthen the shoulder line a little (one-half to three-quarters of an inch, probably), and lower the bottom of the armscye a little.  The 1940's shoulder line is too square and the sleeves pull across the very tops because the shoulders are cut in to go with the puffy sleeve caps that it was supposed to have.

The collar doesn't lie as close to the body as I'd like and the bodice is too short, it needs to be 2-3 inches longer.  Again, it doesn't look bad, it's just not what I wanted, and it would look better around the hips than around the waist.