Still knitting

The Top Secret Knitting Project is moving right along but it's still top secret.  I took a short break to experiment last night with a simple lace pattern but I need more practice--something went wrong with my yarn-overs.  

I also tried to figure out Karen Timour's 1865 U.S. Sanitary Commission sock pattern but I'm afraid I need pictures--I have no idea what's going on here, even with the expanded instructions.  (The wool listed seems not to be available any more.  I tried a sportweight but my gauge came out too big, so I'm going to try another swatch with sock yarn.)  I do want to learn to knit socks, although I suspect I'll become a convert to toe-ups because the idea of running out of yarn before I finish the toes makes me crazy.  But if I'm going to learn socks, I really should learn some historical ones, too, right?

Saturday was Jesse Jones Park Pioneer Day.  It was uneventful, but a lady from Liendo Plantation tried to recruit us for their big reenactment.  It would be fun to have a half-finished sock to work on when we weren't playing music.