Yet another to-do list

Listening: Favorite old-time mix.  "Leddy's Hornpipe" is totally underappreciated.

I have the house to myself this weekend, starting on Friday, so I'm determined to get something done whether Mispickel likes it or not.

I have a clothes problem.  Well, okay, I have several clothes problems.  The obvious one is that I have too many, of course.  The less obvious one is that I never seem to have what I need.  I am basics deficient.  It's so easy to get distracted by something you really want to make because it looks like fun, even if it's not versatile, or by something you said you'd make for someone else (*cough* office Christmas party *cough*) that you hate to slow down and work on bland stuff.  But then you don't have, say, a plain brown skirt, when you really need one.

So . . . I end up wearing the same four dumpy outfits every week.  Yeah.  Even I'm tired of seeing them.  I also need to clean up some materials.  I hope I can take care of this problem along with the clothing problem.

I found some rust-colored cotton twill that I've had for, wow, probably fifteen years.  It was originally meant to be wide-leg jeans, back in the days when really big wide-leg jeans were still in (I think I was in high school).  Thank goodness that never happened, but I still have the fabric.  The color is terrible, but I overdyed them to a more decided brown last weekend, and found some buttons I liked.  I have a zillion skirt patterns but since I need help motivating myself, I'm going to use the bottom half of Simplicity 4718 (1943) because I've already done the fitting.  Unless I can find one more pack of buttons--Joann has been out of them--I'll do hip pockets instead of patch pockets, as much as I love patch pockets. 

My other project will be taking my old reenacting dress to see if the fabric is still sound enough to reuse.  I love it--it's brushed cotton in a dark greenish-brown and black plaid--but the dress is 20 years old.  Fingers crossed.  This one will be based on Simplicity 1418 (1945?) but might have patch pockets and black buttons.