. . . still knitting.

I finished the Christmas gift.  I still have to make the box for it, cut a snowflake, and make an ornament for an ornament exchange.  Whew. 

I had a hard time getting yarn for the other project: Apparently that colorway is popular because it was always sold out.  I finally got two balls; the dye lots don't really match but I'm beyond being fussy about that.  At least I have the yarn!

I have my entry for the sweater competition:

It's got it all: Quilt pattern in the background, full scene on the front.  Wow.

I got antsy Sunday night and frogged the black sweater I started years ago but didn't like (the knit was too tight; I wanted something looser and more "squishy", for once), so now I have this enormous ball of kinky yarn that needs to be reused.  I'm still going to make a black sweater, but on US 8 or so needles instead of US 6.  

Meanwhile, I'm using part of it for a pair of Melissa Woods' Good Time Mitts.  I love mitts but haven't knitted any before, and these looked very straightforward.