Christmas reveal

So, the big secret Christmas gift was . . . a Doctor Who scarf!

Not a complex project at all--it's all knitting.  Just knitting--but time-consuming.  We used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice, which is not awesome but is good as far as acrylic yarn goes.

We actually made two, because we are insane.  I made one for the office Christmas gift exchange, and my mother made one for my brother.  The office one was an edited version of the Season 17 scarf (a section was omitted to make it more manageable, since only about two people at work are tall enough to wear the entire scarf, and I'm not sure either of them is a fan).  I forget which season Mom used to make my brother's, but it was 18 feet long unstretched (my brother is 6'3", he can wear it).

You can buy commercial scarves but somehow that just isn't the same.  

I even made a TARDIS gift box for it:

Tragically, there was some weirdness at work and the gift exchange didn't happen, which put me in the awkward position of . . . having an extra fifteen-foot scarf on my hands.  Luck intervened: It turns out that my sister-in-law is at least as big a Doctor Who fan as my brother is, and she's about my height, so a shortened scarf was just right for her (the scarf in the picture above is the short one).

Their cats loved the TARDIS.  Happiness all around.

If want to make your own scarf, there are at least two entire websites devoted to it.  It's a test of endurance more than skill--there is literally nothing to it but knitting.  We used a loom-looper hook to do the tassels at the ends, but a big crochet hook or a bent coat-hanger would likely do just as well.

Doctor Who Scarf

Witty Little Knitter