So I've taken two cold-weather days in the past week.  I know that sounds wimpy to any Northerners who might read this but, admit it--you have snow days, too.  We don't have snow days but we do have too-much-ice-on-freeway-overpasses and heaters-at-work-cannot-begin-to-keep-up days.  It was 58 degrees inside the building this morning.  The thermostats are set to 80.

The up side of this is that I got a bunch of knitting done.  Three pairs of mitts down, one more must-do pair to go, then a few for-fun pairs. I walked up to the pack and ship place last night to mail the mitts for my brother and sister-in-law.  It was 34 degrees, which wasn't bad.  I think it was dryer than last week.

I'm still revising the mitt pattern.  I like the tighter knit on the US3 needles, but I have to find out from my brother if his extra-large mitts fit, since the resizing was my doing and it's not as though I can swear I had any clue how to do it right.  I made the cuffs on the medium mitts a bit shorter and now I can get two pairs, I think, out of a 100-gram skein if I'm really careful.

Sunday, between cold spells, we live-trapped the raccoon that's been living in our porch roof and took her out of town to a nice wooded area far from civilization.  I actually sort of like raccoons but you just can't let them live in your house; they're too destructive.  At least this one got trapped by somebody who had no interest in killing her.  Their faces remind me of Diamond's.