Metropolitan Knits: Transitional Scarf

My other knitting project was the Transitional Scarf from Metropolitan Knits.

Worst picture ever.

I made this for my best friend.  Unfortunately, I made it out of Patons Silk Bamboo in Orchid, which is actually a very dark purple that photographs . . . like, not at all.  A lighter color would have shown off the lace pattern better in real life, too, but I really wanted to use this yarn and it doesn't come in a Bibs-appropriate color (dusty robin's egg blue and sap green seem to be in right now, and she's a red/orange/yellow/sometimes purple person.  Purple it had to be).

I am an absolute disaster at lace patterns but this one is a lot of payoff for minimal effort.  I had to buy bamboo needles because holding slippery yarn on slippery metal needles was too much for my left hand, but other than that it went well.