Mitt binge, continued

I was busy and shamefully disorganized this weekend, so I have little to show for my four days off, but the mitt binge continues.  I decided that the first "good" pair of mitts were still a little flabby, so I tried a pair on US3's (that's Aran-weight yarn on US3's) to make them tighter and really liked the results even though they were a little harder to knit.  I now have a list of commissions (sorry, the books are closed, or I'd spend the rest of my life knitting mitts.  Once I've tested the pattern more, though, I'll share it).

The rust-colored pair are ready to be sent off to Pam in Louisiana.  I had to knit a test extra-large before I started my brother's.  The original pattern was supposed to be more or less one-size-fits-all, but there is no way a mitt that fits me is going to fit my brother's superhuman bear paws.  Then Hilary in Germany asked if I made them in green, and I wanted to make some green-striped ones for myself, anyway, so it was a good excuse to go look for green yarn.  It turns out that green is not an "in" color right now so I couldn't get what I wanted in wool (acrylic, yes, but not wool/mostly-wool) at the usual craft stores.  A friend who knits a lot sent me to Knitting in the Loop, which was right near where I needed to be for a funeral and then a wedding--different families--on Saturday.  They had nice green wools.