Mitt binge

I finally finished my first set of really wearable mitts.  They even match--one isn't longer than the other or anything!

Just call me Simpson!  I'm not that yellow in real life.

This is the Spicy Homemaker Good Time Mitts (that's a .pdf link) with some tweaking to accommodate my freaky thumbs.  I have weird, low-set, thumbs. 

I really like this pattern.  It's ridiculously easy and knits up super fast, even if you're like I am and only half know what you're doing.

My brother has requested a pair.  His will have to be quite a bit larger, and I think I'll knit future mitts on US3 needles instead of US4; I'd like them to be more snug.  And I think I want a green pair; I made these to use up a skein of leftover yarn.  I'll leave them at work, though, because they're easy to type in and my office is cold.


Andrea said…
Those look awesome! I'm working my way toward trying to knit my first pair of socks ... maybe after that I'll try mitts, since I too have perpetually cold hands. (Or maybe by then it will be July...)
I've I've yet to try socks! You should totally try mitts! Easy and great for cold offices