Simplicity 4718 (1943) Brown dress: Part II

I've been sewing on this piecemeal.  I have the skirt, with side-seam pockets, assembled but not seam-finished or with the front interfacing, buttonholes, etc., done, and the bodice partly assembled but, again, without seam finishes and without the sleeves set.  I'm really blah on the color--the photographs below are dismayingly accurate--so I think it will get overdyed one more time, in brown, once it's done.  

I did a welt pocket in the left bodice.  You can totally tell I only half-ass knew what I was doing:

 . . . and don't even comment on the "seam finish" in the back.  Yes, that's two rows of stitching and then pinking.  I'd already flubbed it and ripped it out like four times so I wasn't really thinking clearly.

But what the Hell, it's on the inside, right?  Nobody has to know.

Better advice on welt pockets here at Palmer/Pletsch.