DuBarry 5986 (1944) St. Patrick's Day Part I: Sneak peek

I guess I've discovered that, this year, at least, the impetus for accomplishing sewing projects is going to be holidays.  After I finish DuBarry 5612, St. Patrick's Day will be right around the corner and I have a project lined up for that, too.  The dress is a little more complex, though, so I need to leave more time for it (ha, ha).

Some holidays have better fabric prints than others.  Christmas has great prints.  St. Patrick's day generally doesn't--everything is a riot of cartoon shamrocks, nightmare-inducing leprechauns, and acid green.  I found this, though, at Joann's a few weeks ago:

It's gold-metallic print, which doesn't thrill me, but I think the overall feel is quite old-fashioned.  It's definitely St. Patrick's Day but somehow less overbearingly so than . . . well, than most other St. Patrick's Day prints, at least.   I won't pretend to think it's subtle.

I dithered about the pattern, though.  I wanted something mid-range between trim and businesslike, and slightly fun.  I could not, however, get the image of a big front bow out of my head.  It had to have a big front bow.  I proposed a whole series of patterns that weren't quite right but then ran across this one for sale online, at a bargain price:

It's definitely The One.  Unfussy wartime pattern with ladylike three-quarter sleeves?  Check!  Hip smocking and flirty midriff inset?  Check!  Humongous bow tie?  Check!