Simplicity 9880 (1995) Tantrum dress Part III: Home stretch

Listening: The Chieftains mix.

I spent Saturday running errands and cleaning and Sunday sewing and watching terrible ghosthunting shows.  I'm still not done but I made a ton of progress.

I have to open the buttonholes (they're sewn but not cut open) and do the buttons and some minor seam finishing.  The buttons are pearlized white plastic.

I don't even know if this fits.  I think the sleeves may be a bit too long but at least it's a dress that can have blousy sleeves, so not too big a deal.  It's not as long as I intended it to be; the waist is shorter but the overall length is the same as Simplicity 4718 (1943), so it should be just below the knee.

The sleeves almost went in smoothly.  If it fits, I'll experiment with . . . I feel as though I've trimmed the sleeve caps all I can, but I could take a little more width out of the sleeve itself, or carve out the armscye a little, and they would fit without gathering, if I wanted.