Tumbler milestone!

I spent yesterday evening arranging the last set of tumblers. 

The plan last time was to hit 1160 tumblers.  But then I ran over and, since it's 29 tumblers long, I achieved another 29 tumblers.  That made 1189, and the compulsive side of me, thought it was a pity to stop at 1189 tumblers when I had so many new fabrics I could add, so I did a marathon scrap-scrounge and decided to add one more row of length.  That makes the quilt 30 x 40 tumblers (which is 1200 even, of course). 

Now I really am done, I swear.  I have them arranged on the scrap wall and will sew them all together this weekend.  

Because the entire quilt top is a horrorshow of seams, I'm going to use flannel inside (probably old sheets; I have a bunch) and will piece the back.  Because I'm cheap.  I discovered that my lovely butterfly fabric is actually two parts made of two different prints, so I have to either get more of one print or the other, or, if neither is available, I'll use those on the back. 

One of my Facebook groups has an ongoing "What are you doing tonight?  Post a selfie!" thread.  I don't usually post but last night looked like this:

Glad to know I don't look, you know, nerdy or anything.