Tumbler frenzy

Movies: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1996).  I have not read this book yet so I can't comment on the screenplay.  It was a three-part BBC production, but it fit onto one disk so I kind of feel as though it may have been cut down a little too much to do it justice.  Also, I didn't find it plausible that "Mrs. Graham" didn't wish to lead Mr. Markham into romance; in the movie, it's pretty clear that that's where he wants to go and it seems bogus when she protest that she didn't mean it like that. 

There appeared to be a lot of zippers going on but, for the most part, I was kind of impressed that such an effort was made to make the costumes period.  It was pretty clearly 1830's (early-to-late), with big sleeves, curly hair, etc., moving into 1840's drooping shoulders and low, wide, hairdos.

I sort of went nuts today and sewed all the tumblers I had into strips.  Then I spent the evening cutting the scraps I had into more tumblers (177).  Oh, progress feels good!

Mispickel helped.  Mostly by sleeping through it do she wasn't interfering;

I cut 177 tumblers, which means I have 217 cut tumblers to sew.  I thought last night that I should take some tumblers off the end and redistribute length into width, but when I laid it out on the bed this morning I discovered that it wasn't as insanely long as I remembered.  It's not quite as long as my (admittedly huge) T-shirt quilt.  With the pillow allowance, it's not actually unreasonable.  So, no redistributing blocks. 

Loose tumblers : 217
Sewn into strips: 290
Finished section: 638 (29 long x 22 wide)
Total so far: 1145

232 loose tumblers would sew up into a section of 29 x 8 tumblers.  I think I can scrounge 15 new tumblers; I can think of probably seven or eight of my newer fabrics right away that I haven't scavenged.  Then I can--OMG--finally stop and sew the thing together for good.

That would be 1160 tumblers total.  I'd have to vet them to make sure there were no duplicates, but . . . wow.