Simplicity 5330 (1981) nightgown Part II

Listening: Different covers of "Amelia" by Bob McQuillen, on Spotify.

Well, this weekend didn't exactly go as planned.

Friday morning I was lying around thinking about getting up when my mother called to tell me that my dad had been hit by a car.

Actually, he was hit by a three-quarter ton truck.  He's fine.  Bruised and monumentally sore, but he was x-rayed from head to toe at the emergency room and nothing is broken.  Also, he now knows that pedestrians don't have the right-of-way on medians.  The truck driver and the police officer who responded were probably more traumatized than Dad was; Mom said the truck driver was so badly shaken he was practically incoherent.  Dad's basically been living in an armchair in the den since then and hobbling around on my mom's old arm crutches.  He's hobbling faster today than he was Friday or Saturday, though, which is good.  Our elderly neighbors say he can use their walk-in shower so he doesn't have to hobble upstairs.

My brother was coming down, anyway, to go to Yearly Meeting with my parents, but now he's decided to come today so he can help Mom tote Dad around (I'm not big enough to catch Dad if he falls, but my brother is).  I promised him green bell peppers, HEB cane-sugar faux-Dr Pepper, and pecan coffee.  Mom promised him hot wings for dinner tonight.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Surprisingly, I did get some sewing done.  Mostly, I repaired the loose seams in my car cover (by hand since I don't have an industrial machine).  And sneezed.  Apparently the car cover has the highest concentration of pine pollen in town.  I'm not even allergic to pine pollen.

After that, I went back to work on Simplicity 5330 (1981), the yoked nightgown I started last week but in which I was thwarted by a clingy cat.

This is "I need pajamas" sewing, not "I love this project" sewing.  I'm doing the sleeveless nightgown in the upper right:

Using a mint-green (bluer than this in real life) cotton-polyester bedsheet I got from Goodwill.  I hate cotton-polyester and this has fade lines and seam tracks in it where it was folded into the cuff, but whatever.  It's pajamas.

Neck ties on nightgowns freak me out--I seem to have a mild phobia about being strangled in my sleep by my own pajamas; I'm sure I can blame this on watching too many crime shows--so I allowed for an overlap and I'm putting buttons in the front.  I'm also doing a yoke lining because I like the finish better and I think it's sturdier on a lightweight fabric.

Here's the outer yoke. This is a better idea of the color.  Awful, but I didn't have to buy any new fabric, right?

The yoke lining is another bedsheet scrap, in pink.

Like so.  Don't you love topstitching?  I love topstitching.

I borrowed the small side-seam pockets from the robe because . . . pockets.  Must have pockets.