Playing: Foghorn Stringband on Spotify.  O. M. G. how did I live so long without this band?  I want all their stuff!

I sort of got stuff done this weekend.  Not as much as I meant to because the cat was persistently clingy:

Seriously, every. single. time. I sat down.

but some things.  And I got to cook, which is fun.

I started cutting Simplicity 5330 (1981), view 1 (highlighted):

which is the most boring project ever, but I need pajamas and I might as well get it over with.  Except Mispickel wouldn't leave me the Hell alone so I got very little done.  I'm using a mint green cotton-poly bedsheet that I got at Goodwill about a million years ago. 

I also cut a bunch of scraps for Amber Jean.  I rediscovered a lot of forgotten fabric (not, though, the Valentine's fabric.  No idea where that might be).  

This leads to the question: How many dirndl skirts are too many?

I found a bunch of fabrics that I was either given or acquired for other projects, that I no longer want to use for those projects.  But the fabric is still good, right?  And some of it would make righteous dirndl skirts.  For instance, what is there not to love about a large Art Nouveau print in peach, brown, and Nile green?

I have three yards, which would make a longish skirt with a flounce.  I'd probably use some scrap peach for side-seam pockets and the inner belt, to save yardage.  Maybe with some brown bias stripe and natural crochet lace for trim?