Simplicity 5330 (1981)

Thus start two weeks of un-productivity, if that were a word.

Wednesday, I leave for a week's road trip with my brother and sister-in-law.  I have a lunch appointment today to drop off a book for repairs, and a weird workshop thing tomorrow.  And I think my red shoes are coming apart.  They're vinyl.  No more vinyl shoes for me.  My brown Justins started coming apart last night, but they're 13 years old so that's not surprising.

That said . . . 

I finished Simplicity 5330 (1981):

I accidentally put the side-seam pockets in too low so I took them out and just added a patch pocket to the front.  And then I got super lazy and closed it with just one button.  Because . . . pajamas.  Who cares?  And single buttons are so hard to use up.

The yoke looks weird because the lining is pink, because I had a scrap of pink to use.  I don't know.  Again . . . who cares?