Simplicity 9880 (1996) blue cotton Part II

Listening: Gillian Welch on Spotify.

Wow, I didn't realize I'd gotten that far behind!  Sorry!

I'm still working on the blue cotton 9880.  There's not much to see there: It's just like the green one but with some minor fitting tweaks and with a gathered skirt instead of pleated.  Pleated is easier but I wanted gathered this time, just because.

The hem facing is, and the sleeve facings will be (it's going to have tapered bracelet-length sleeves) a very old red and blue floral that I got . . . somewhere.  I have no idea where.  It's terrible-quality fabric so it needs to get used and the scraps thrown out; they're not worth saving.  Which stinks because the print is awesome:

The dress itself looks like this so far.  I brought a scrap sleeve to baste in today over lunch, to test the fit.  Then it just needs buttons and buttonholes.

It has "Colonial" (these might also be called "keyhole", but I'm not sure) pockets since the sheet was 88 inches wide and there is only one seam in the center back of the skirt.

It's a bit darker and less electric blue in real life.


Listening: Emperor on Spotify.  Chirpy Spotfiy ads kind of kill the black metal mood, though.

 Test sleeve installed.  I haven't tried it on.  The sleeve needs to be about 1/4 inch wider; there is some buckling in the armscye along the sleeve crown.  But it's really close.