Butterick 4948 (1983?) Belle France drop-waist dress, Part I

Mispickel was completely out of control yesterday and I didn't get anywhere near as much sewing done as I hoped.

She finally fell asleep and I started the pattern grading on Butterick 4948 (1983), the Belle France drop-waist pattern.  I'm using the closed neckline from A but the plain skirt from B, graded up to a 12 from an 8, and a little extra added around the hips.

I think it might need a small FBA overall, but it's pretty close.  The side-seams are curved inward a little so it's loose without being a complete potato sack.

I forgot to lower the bust darts or this would almost be the start of a wearable muslin, if I have enough left to cobble together a skirt.  Maybe with blue gingham armscye and neck binding?   I might take the seams out and see if I can fake the bust darts lower to salvage the muslin.

 The original plan was for this to be black floral with short, cuffed sleeves.  Probably with buttons all the way down, too (we were going for a 1990's feel here):

And then a purple.  I thought it would have buttons all the way down, too, but I'm kind of thinking placket.  Long sleeves, if the yardage will allow?  Band collar?  Peter pan collar?  No collar?  Three-quarter sleeves?