It's Thursday.

Yes.  Yes, it is.

I'm still waiting for my new cable needle, although it should be here today or this weekend.  In the meantime, I've started culling some sewing projects that I find I'm not wearing.  The blue sundress with white lace trim ended up being a fit failure, and the green calico and blue 9880's are just enough off that I don't really enjoy them.  I found another blue fabric that I like (Moda Bella Solids Prussian blue.  Like Kona only by Moda instead of Robert Kaufman) and plan to make a replacement 9880.

I've also started taking apart some older projects to salvage the fabric.  The 1947 Grit nightgown pattern needs more alteration so I'm taking the finished one that totally did not fit apart for the calico.  I found a deep-rose circle skirt I made probably ten years ago when I was just starting to sew, that I never wear but whose fabric I love, so I'm going to take that apart to salvage for the navy and pink Crown of Thorns quilt that's on the to-do-someday list.  I'm taking apart the dress Mom made me for reenacting in 1991, to salvage the dark brown and black plaid brushed cotton for a skirt.  It's pretty worn but I think it will hold up well enough.  The dress shrank when we washed it and the sleeves are too short, and it hasn't been worn in a long time (and it was a commercial modern pattern, anyway; not remotely historical).  But I love the fabric.