McCall 5136 (1943) back-wrap sundress Part I

Listening: The Wayfarers.

I'm just beginning to trace the pattern pieces for this.  I've had the pattern and fabric for several years but kept putting it off to do things I felt I should do, even though I've been kind of dying to work on it.  But that's silly: It's summer and I should be making sundresses.  I will probably do a variant of the Simplicity 4727 bolero to go with it, too.

McCall 5136 (1943):

Back-wrap sundress with sweetheart neckline:

The fabric is Andover On The Breeze in pale lime green (think Baskin Robbins' Daiquiri Ice, which has been my favorite ice cream since I was six):

It reminded me of this 1930's vine print that I saw online somewhere (eBay, maybe?).  The Andover was out of print even then and I had to do some serious Googling to find it.  Totally worth it, though.

I will probably do piping around the armscyes and neckline.  I'm leaning toward either dull orange (I can get commercial piping in a color called "carrot" that's dead-on for the orange in the leaves) or one of the greens.  I'm not feeling the red.

If I do a jacket, it will probably be the dark green.