Simplicity 4727 (1943) Part V: In real life, and Arkansas

Here it is, in the flesh on the courthouse square in Eldorado, Arkansas.

This picture is also proof that introverts are not necessarily shy.

I went to my brother and sister-in-law's in Arkansas for the weekend (about a 6 hour drive.  Six and a half if you're a right-lane slowpoke like I am).  Thursday night was the town fireworks display.

We went to Jimmy B's for breakfast (I highly recommend the Western omelet).  Everything was closed so we moseyed around the square for awhile until we happened upon the one and only open shop.  It was an antique mall.  My brother got some antique bottles to use as samples at work (he's an archaeologist, except they spell it "archeologist" in Arkansas, because you can do that when you're the most geographically beautiful state in the Union).  I got a Napco Great Dane:

And a Frankoma "Good Luck" trivet, because someday I'll have a retro Western kitchen.  Right:

Saturday, we went to Toltec Mounds State Archaeological Park, the Plantation Agriculture Museum near Scott, Arkansas, and to Little Rock to see the bicycle display at the 1836 State House Museum.  And of course we went to a bike shop, for pizza (the Victory Garden was OK.  Kind of light on actual vegetables), and to River Market books.

We also saw a unicycle-go-round:


Andrea said…
That outfit was meant for those cowboy boots. Excellent ensenble!
I found your blog on We Sew Retro! Lovely dress and bolero. My eyes perked up when I read you visited El Dorado -- I am down the road in Monroe, LA!