Triangular Shawl #1 Doctor Who remnants: Part I

My sewing table was occupied this weekend so I started experimenting with triangular shawls.

I'm using leftovers from the Doctor Who scarves.  I did a garter tab cast-on, which worked great, and then basically did:

Right side:
Knit 1
Increase 1 (I did this by picking up and knitting the "bar" between the stitches)
Knit up to the center stitch
[place marker]
Increase 1
Knit center stitch
[place marker]
Increase 1
Knit to last stitch
Increase 1

Wrong side:
Knit all, or knit five [purl] knit five, or whatever you want.  I've been messing with knit and purl textures.

However, I knitted until my US8 straight needles were full and had to order a longer cable needle, which should be here by the end of the week: