Frankendress 2014-01 Butterick 1983 4948 and Lecien Chatter Tailors 2000's 2402: Part II

I did two test sleeves yesterday.  I winged it and drafted the first one by tracing the armscyes from the bodice pattern, which is an idea I got from Sew Store-Bought and have used in the past with a reasonable measure of success.  It worked kind of well this time, except that the whole thing was off balance and basically hung across the grain.  I tried to even things up so the underarm seam would match and the sleeve would hang with the grain of the fabric but I only made it worse. 

So neither sleeve is usable, really.  I'm going to try again tonight to straighten out the first sleeve, but I probably need to actually draft a sleeve based on the bodice again (as seen at Leena's).  I know the cap needs to be off-center for this one.

Since that didn't fly, I went ahead and started the buttonbands last night, so at least I could get ahead on some handwork until I was ready for the sleeves.

Not much to see here.  They'll be topstitched by machine, but I'm turning and doing the inner edge with a ladder stitch first:

Will look more or less like so when they're done: