Frankendress 2014-01 Butterick 1983 4948 and Lecien Chatter Tailors 2000's 2402: Part III Sleeve rough draft

This is a very rough draft of the new sleeve cap, done according to the BurdaStyle directions.  The BurdaStyle draft is mean to be done using a bodice block, not an actual pattern, but since this is a commercial pattern the finished pattern is all I have.  It's not a precision tailoring project, anyway.

I did this on my lunch break and didn't have my curves or anything.  It obviously needs a lot of cleaning up, and it will also need a lot more adjustment.  It's only 13 1/2 inches wide and it needs to be about 16, which will involve spreading the sleeve and lowering the cap (the front of the sleeve is to the right in the picture).  I'm a little skeptical about the degree to which it's slated forward, too, but I guess we'll find out how that goes.