Cornbread and peas

Predictably, I got no sewing done at all this weekend.  I did get a bunch of cleaning done, though, and laundry, and some cooking.

This, folks, is how you cornbread.

Texas Cooking's "Grandma's Buttermilk Cornbread".  This is the real thing: No flour, no sugar.  It will clean your teeth as you eat.

I did it right, melting a spoonful of Crisco in the pan--that's a vintage Wagner, by the way--while I mixed the batter.  You can smell it insta-baking when you pour it in.

Flipped right out:

And then back (onto a Fiesta cake plate):

Of course, if you have cornbread, you need peas to go with it:

1 cup dry peas
3 cups broth, more or less
1 onion, coarsely chopped
1/4-1/2 pound ham, diced
water as needed
small amount of oil

Soften onion in a little bit of oil. Add ham and broth and cook a few minutes, then add peas. Cover and cook until done. Keep an eye on the liquid level--the peas need to cook before the liquid can be cooked down.  You probably won't need any salt because of the ham, but pepper to taste.

Serve hot over split cornbread.  Top with chopped tomatoes, onion, diced jalapeños, etc.