Simplicity 1981 5330 apron adaptation

I need to get out more.

This weekend is not the weekend, though.

Mispickel has been clingy since I got her back from the kennel and I promised her I'd stay home this weekend, after I run a few errands.  She thanked me by eating a tree roach and then, um, returning it.  She had killer hiccups after that so I ended up sleeping in the master bedroom (not my room) to keep an eye on her.  I wanted to keep her in a smaller space in case she got sick, and her box and water bowl are in the master bathroom, so I camped out. 

She ate like a pig, kept it down at least as long as I was home, and play-attacked my arm this morning so I'm pretty sure she's OK.  I still swore I'd stay in, though, and keep her company.  She hates being alone and three weeks in the kennel must have been a doozy.

I need a new apron.  My current one is actually fine except that it's much too big.  Off-the-shoulder aprons should not be a thing.  I used my mother's copy of McCall's 3063 (1971), but she's quite a bit taller than I am and we're completely different in build.  Mine is the yellow apron in the upper picture, and I made it without buttonholes (I just sewed the straps together).  It's nice not to have fasteners.  But it's huge.  It's large even by large standards.

I have far more apron patterns than I will ever need aprons, but of course none of them are just what I want.  Of course.

I like a fairly loose, free-moving apron that doesn't have a lot of fasteners and long ties, which I think are too much maintenance and make laundering a pain (all that tangling).  I found this 1920's reproduction pattern on eBay.  It's pretty close.  I might make it less straight up-and-down because, well, hips, and I'd make the sides higher because I'm that messy.  I don't need to pay $15 for another yoke and some rectangles, though.  I just made a yoked nightgown:

The fabric will be brown sprigged calico with green trim.  Brown calico because being a veterinary assistant taught me that drab brown patterned fabrics can hide any stain, and green trim because why not?

So I think that's going to be my weekend project.

Laugh if you want, but I'm totally making a test muslin of this, too.  Yes, I've become the kind of person who promises her cat she'll stay home this weekend, and who makes test muslins of baggy aprons.