Butterick 1983 4948 Belle France #2 Marcus Brothers Chocheco Mill blue calico: Part I

I'm still working on the blue striped version of 4948, but I started the Marcus Brothers Cocheco Mills blue print one on a whim.  I have barely three yards, though, and I had hoped to make at least short sleeves on it.  I think I can get whole sleeves if I piece them vertically.  I made the front facings and the pockets out of plain navy to save yardage.

 I'm going with plain gold-tone buttons.  I had to order more because Joann's stopped carrying them, and I had to order them directly through Blumenthal Lansing's online shop because apparently plain gold buttons with holes instead of shanks are insanely rare.

I'm shooting for long bishop sleeves, but we'll see if I can scrounge enough fabric to make that happen.