Butterick 1983 4948 Belle France #2 Marcus Brothers Chocheco Mill blue calico: Part II

I was working on another version of this using a blue striped sheet.  I didn't like it, though.  I didn't like the fabric, I didn't like the way the dress was shaping up, it was holding up all my other projects because I felt obliged to finish it first.

I gave myself permission to be a quitter.

Sometimes you have to let yourself quit.  This was so not worth the time and effort.  It wasn't even nice fabric.  I threw it in the rag bin and moved on.

So now I'm back to the Cocheco Mills blue version, and things are back on track.  The fabric is nice.  The print is lovely.  It's behaving itself.  I sat down last night and assembled the entire skirt; I just have to finish the pocket seams and gather it onto the dress.  I need to make a sleeve mock-up, too, before I mess with the very-little yardage I have left for the actual sleeves (this is out of print; I can't get more).  But that's cool.  

The hem facing is an old-fashioned star print from Joann's: