Butterick 4948 Belle France 1983 drop-waist dress - black floral, Part II

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Crunch time!

Seriously, it will be a miracle if I get this done and get any sleep tonight.  I'm so unrealistic about sewing projects and time constraints.

I got the skirt attached last night.

 I still need to do:

1. Front facings on skirt opening.
2. Hem (facing or tape, and the hem itself)
3. Finish side seams.
4. Finish pocket seams.
5. Sleeves
6. Buttonholes
7. Buttons

I think I can get the pocket seam finish done today at lunch.  It's a little thing but every little bit helps, right?

Update: Painted fingernails!  I actually bought a new polish last night; black with purple glitter, but I wanted something more subtly creepy so I went with OPI "Planks A Lot", also known as "cyanosed lilac".  I looked for something a little darker and slightly grayer, but nobody has anything like that right now.