Catching up!

Oh, wow--I had no idea it had been that long.

I've been headache-inducingly busy at work, and that horrible head cold I caught on the plane is taking its dear sweet time to go away; I'm in pretty good shape except for a slight cough, and if that doesn't go away, I'll have to cave in and go to the doctor.  Ugh.

I spent this weekend running errands but finally sat down on Sunday and made an apron.  I got this awful cotton-poly fabric from great-aunt Marian, but somehow it makes a good apron.

One of the interns at work missed a chance a year or so ago to go to Wales, and I promised her Welsh cakes.  They're kind of in between a biscuit and a pancake.  The recipe I had was too buttery, but they were still good:

This past weekend was the Trinity Lutheran Quilt Show.  I made them four charity blocks and donated a bag of scraps.

And I saw the blood moon.  This is from my phone.  My real camera pix, oddly, were even worse.