I'm getting ready to go on a short trip this weekend.  Butterick 4948 Cocheco Mills blue is on hold--I suspect that taking the extra width out of the hips was a mistake.  I think it will be OK, but I'll add it back for the next one.  But I have other stuff to do this coming week.  

I'm still looking for my apron fabric but I did find my dark fabrics for the next drop-waist dresses: Black floral, gray and black homespun plaid, and two pieces of dancing skeleton fabric that a friend gave me years ago.  I thought I had about a yard and a half, total, and was trying to figure out how to make that work, but I realized last night that it's closer to two and a quarter yards, most likely.  That is doable.  

I'm still going to do a solid black yoke and skirt band.  I ordered some skull lace but it has to come from Japan so it probably won't be here in time.  I'm also going to try doing cap-style "sleeves"/extended shoulders:

More or less.