Butterick 4948 Belle France 1983 drop-waist dress - DS Quilts 2014 Sweet Ruby Part I

It seems that, if I paid attention, didn't improvise too much or decide to use too many buttonholes, and Mispickel was asleep somewhere else, I could probably make the sleeveless version of this in a day. 

I started this after lunch yesterday and have gotten in assembled.  I have to finish the armscye bias, finish a lot of seams, and do the buttons and buttonholes.  Not bad.  Buttons will be plain white; I had three left over from  . . . I think from the DuBarry daisy-print blouse.  

Somebody on Flickr asked me if bias necklines were hard.  They're not, but I used this project to do a half-assed tutorial

I'm not sure I'm wild about this dress, but I added small darts to the back of the neck and widened the upper back--the black floral dress with sleeves pulls across the upper back--and I needed to test it, anyway.  This is new fabric that I can replace if I screw up and decide I really want to re-make the dress (it's DS Quilts Sweet Ruby red tulip print and white-and-black plaid, from Joann's).

It will probably have a narrow stripe, or maybe two, of the plaid around the skirt.  It looks kind of plain.

I've made just about enough of this dress for awhile, although I'd like to get the umbrella version done because the fabric is adorable.  I didn't want to test the neck darts on that, though, because it was out of print and I can't replace it.