New York 1490 (early 1950's?) Two-Fer, Part III: Tweaking, round II

I had a lot of stuff to do this weekend and didn't get much--any, really--sewing done.  I did run off a fast bodice muslin last night.  I think the whole thing is in pretty good shape, although I'm taking about an inch out, total, under each arm, tapering out to the waist, and 1/4 inch off of each shoulder.  Baggy underarms seem to have been a thing, midcentury?  I don't know.  I don't think this would work with the sundress version, especially.  The half-inch I already added to the length of the bodice appears to be about right.

Saturday was Pioneer Day at Jones Park and Sunday, Mom and I went to Galveston.  We went on an impromptu birding trip with a local friend after meeting, and saw a bunch of night herons, an osprey, a willet, and a rail.

I took off of work on Monday and Mom and I went "Christmas shopping", such as we ever do in our family.  I confess I'm the Queen of in real life, but it was an excuse to go downtown and get fancy bagels for breakfast.