New York 1490 (early 1950's?) Two-Fer, Part IV: Tweaking, round III

Sorry, no pix.  It was too cold.  We're getting the heater inspected for the year today, then we can turn it on.  

The underarms were much better.  I think the bodice needs to be a little bit longer and I suspect I'll need to do an upper back adjustment for width.  I'm going to resize and cut a test skirt next to make sure about the bodice, since I'm notoriously bad at estimating these things, but it has not inset belt so I suspect it will need another half-inch of length, at least.  (Or I guess I could add an inset belt.  Hmm.  The "inset belt" in the pattern illustration is actually an external tied or buttoned belt.)  I'll do a test sleeve and if it pulls across the upper back, I'll fix that, too.  It should be easy since it has the separate yoke piece.

The fabric got here on Tuesday and it's lovely--small acorns on a rather dull brown background.  I wasn't going to do any trim but now I think it could handle some dark-brown rick-rack for detail.  We'll see.