Unrealistic expectations

So, the idea was to spend this weekend sewing and figuring out how to make a decent blueberry pie out of frozen berries (advice on this, anyone?).  Realistically, I'll probably accomplish 1/10 of what I have in mind, but whatever.

I think I'm about ready to do another muslin of the New York 1490 Acorn Dress, and it's warm again now but the recent cold front reminded me that I need flannel pajamas, stat.  Mom has been pestering me to reduce her stash of flannel for awhile, including this holly print that she used on my Christmas quilt, and for pillowcases.

So, holly print it is:

I have a zillion pajama patterns but I'm wimping out and going with the most uninteresting.  I'm doing cuffs instead of ruffly wrists, though, because those would drive me nuts.

Butterick B4903 (2004): I think I got this at the Texas Art Asylum.

I splurged on the most squee buttons: 

I know, I know--matchy-matchy overkill.  I could have used plain white.  Whatever.  I wanted those anyway.  They might be too big, but then I'll just save them for later flannels or something, because they're adorable.  On a green nightgown?  I only need flannels a few times a year, even.  Ha.

Worse, I actually have flannel for two nightgowns.  Damn you, Joann's, and your stupid coupons:

Swirly buttons, just because:

Butterick 3960 (1975?) nightgown with round yoke:


Amanda said…
Okay, those patterns are adorable. I'm working on setting up an actual space for crafting (that is not my bed or the kitchen table I share with 4 other adults) and I can't wait to get a sewing machine. And I think some flannel nightgowns will be in order!