Christmas sewing 2014

I'm hitting Full Disorganization Mode here.

I found the Christmas fabric I got on sale ages ago and made a tablecloth this weekend, but it's too dark.  The fabric is nice--dark holly print with little red berries--but it basically looks black on the table.  I have other Christmas fabric, though, so . . . moving on.

The Thanksgiving dress didn't happen.  It's still on the list but has been temporarily supplanted by:

1) New tablecloth
2) Cover for cat bed.  I got Mispickel one of those round beds with the stuffed bumper sides.  I'm going to make a cover with ties so we can tie it to her favorite chair in the kitchen, so it won't slide off all the time.  And so we don't have to wash the actual bed all the time.
3) Flannel pajamas.
4) (Are you laughing yet?) Christmas dress.  Repurposing the dark tablecloth using . . . probably Hollywood 1411 (1944-1945):

The fabric is similar to this (I don't have an actual picture.  You get an idea of the color, though):

I already have plans to do this in a brown calico with rose trim so I want to make sure I tweak it a little.  Even though it doesn't get really cold here, it's still a winter dress, so I think a higher neckline and longer sleeves are in order.  I'm not really feeling the scalloped pockets, either.  Gold buttons?

The belled sleeves aren't very properly 1940's, but they're not huge, and they look a little more festive than plain straight sleeves.

I need to grade it down one size, but that's actually easier because I don't have to do the whole skirt (I'm an 18 below the waist, so I only have to trim the pieces between the hip and waist, not resize them completely), and since I'm long-torsoed I don't have to shorten the bodice.  I can leave the upper back bodice at the larger size rather than doing a broad-back alteration, and it already has shoulder darts so I only have to resize them, not add them.