Hollywood 1944 1411 Christmas dress, Part IV

I spent Christmas hanging out with a friend who was in town housesitting for his mom.  Not doing Christmas things, but that's fine.  

HEB has special edition vanilla cokes.  I haven't tried them yet because I didn't put any in the fridge right away, but their cane-sugar cokes are usually pretty good.

I needed a new sewing kit.  They now sell these in small tins, I guess for travel kits?  (This is a sewing insider joke, by the way.  We wonder why so many people have cookies in their sewing tins.)

Some horses, with an artsy-fartsy filter.  These guys don't all have names yet, I'm afraid:

I did get a little sewing done!  Wednesday, I got motivated and knocked out a fly for the skirt of the dress (this is turning out to be a "Christmas dress" in the sense that I worked on it during winter holidays.  Whatever.  I'm OK with that).

I did this exactly the same way I'd do a placket, except with an extra flap on the right-hand side of the dress for the buttons (the outer flap will cover and hide them):

The interior and exterior flaps:

Mispickel helpd:

The flaps set (the outer flap is pinned open so I could do the buttonholes.

With the ends turned inward so I could sew them down.

The fly from the outside:

The dress with the skirt attached.  I haven't finished the lining of the inset belt yet.  (Actually, as I type this I realize I forgot to put interfacing in it, so I guess I'll be hand-finishing skirt seams today at lunch instead of doing the belt lining.  Oops.)