Billie Burke and Past Patterns 7986

Somebody posted this picture (please follow the link; Shorpy asks that we link rather than grabbing pictures.  I'll comply even if somebody else didn't) on a 1920's Facebook page last night.  It's not from the 1920's, but whatever.  

I thought the girl looked familiar--it's Billie Burke, the silent film and stage actress.  Or Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz.  I haven't found any information online about her ever having been a nurse so I assume this is a promotional shot for one of her stage roles (she didn't make any films between 1916 and 1920).

I thought the dress looked familiar, too--it's pretty much Past Patterns 7986 (again, please follow the link. The image isn't mine).  This dress seems to be somewhere on the progression between full-cover apron and housedress.  I can't say it was ever really used as a nurse's uniform but it's at least plausible (the cuffs and probably the collar should have been removable).