Butterick See & Sew 2006 B4903 Part 1

Listening: Old Crow Medicine Show, Remedy (2014).  This is as close to a full-blown old-time album as I ever expect to see in mainstream music.  It's been nominated for a folk Grammy.  I've heard grumblings that it should be in Americana (which would be fine) or bluegrass, but it's totally not bluegrass.  
I saw OCMS live years ago when they were just starting to be seen by the general population.  They were OK.  My brother liked them and I at least didn't hate them, so they were something we could listen to when we were together.  Live, they were a bunch of obnoxious little boys putting on fake accents--I guess because they were in Texas?  I don't know.  They have gotten to be so much better since then.

A cold snap blew in last night so I got motivated and started the flannel nightgown I meant to make before Christmas.

Nothing much to see here, folks.  Just a baggy yoked nightgown.

I'll probably cut it in a length in between the two shown there--the short one is a bit short, but the long one looks kind of unwieldy.  I've already reduced the sleeve circumference from 18 1/2 inches, finished, to 15 3/4, because OMG so much sleeve:

I'm doing cuffs instead of the elastic wrists-with-ruffles thing.

Holly-print flannel, which matches the back of my Christmas quilt:

And obnoxiously matchy buttons!

I'll probably do a plain neck, too, unless I find a small piece of eyelet I really want to use up.  I know I have cream-colored eyelet but I don't think I have white and I'm not in the mood to buy more just for this.

I copied the pattern last night.  Should be able to start cutting fabric tonight.  This should be a quick project that doesn't need a lot of finishing.