Cookies and bread pudding

I had a birthday party to go to on Saturday and promised to bring cookies.

We got this recipe for cornmeal cookies off of a bag of cornmeal sometime around 1994 and it quickly turned into a much-requested standby:

They're homely little things but they taste awesome.  I prefer them without raisins, but only because I don't like raisins baked into things in general.

I also hauled out the recipe for sour-cream sugar cookies that came from Mom's Amish cookbook (Recipes from Quilt Country, I think).  I forgot to get sour cream so I used one single-serve of lemon Greek yogurt plus enough plain Dannon to make one cup.  It worked fine.

The only mishap was that I forgot how much they spread--they spread a lot--and they spread over the edge of the cookie sheet, dripping onto the bottom of the oven and setting it on fire.  Doh!  Smoked sugar cookies!

I used the leftover lemon glaze from the lemon-blueberry bread on them:

These are plain little drop cookies, too, but they're a very nice texture.  Kind of fluffy.

We had a loaf of Wolferman's cranberry and citrus English muffin bread dying slowly in the fridge so I used it to re-try my bread pudding recipe.  I haven't made this in ages and sometimes recipes aren't the way you remembered them, right?

Since this was a sweet, flavored, bread, I cut the sugar back to 1/4 cup (which I think turned out to be plenty sweet), reduced the cinnamon and nutmeg by half, and added half a teaspoon of almond extract.

Not bad.  Not bad at all.  I had to bake it longer: 45 minutes, turn, 15 minutes, turn, 15 minutes.  My oven is old.  I think that's a 1 1/2-quart Pyrex.

Mispickel approved: